Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adventures in Race Directing

Let it be known that over the last few years, I have come to accept an essential truth about myself.  Namely, that I am rather tightly wound.  I used to think I was mellow and laid-back and easy-going and able to roll with the punches, but the truth is I like to make things happen.  

This is a terrible thing if you are trying to vacation with me on a beach in Maui.  I'd last about five minutes, and you'd stab me with your little beach umbrella and tranquilize me on the sly. 

This is a great thing if one is organizing a race. 

I have a great volunteer team ready to roll.  

I have a fantastic finish line: namely, InStove, the company that makes the stoves that will be sent to Tilori, Haiti, is lending us a few stoves.  One of our volunteers will make cocoa on the stoves!  This shows that the stoves are extremely cool, for not only can you cook a lovely beans and rice stew, but you can also make delicious cocoa.  Hurrah!  Besides, cocoa, in November, in Oregon?  WIN! 

And the best part: awards!  After a few weeks researching medals (and discovering that finish line medals cost $2.50 and up!) I opted to go for donated gift cards for the top winners, and ribbons for all age group winners.  So y'all come on, and win prizes now. 

Mostly, at this point, I think we are in great shape.  We are waiting to hear on a few sponsorships, but my biggest worry right now is getting folks to sign up!  I know that the majority of people sign up within a week or two of the race (especially for a little one like this), but boy, does it make me nervous!  

All I want is 55 runners... that means we break even, and turn a little profit!  

So if you are in Oregon, come on out and race on Nov. 9!

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