Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Race directing, volunteers, and WTF, heart rate?

So race directing is clipping along.  We have a great Tshirt guy, a wonderful volunteer committee, and some sponsorships being lined up.  So cool.  

Registration is now live! 

Now I gotta work on race photos! 

In recovery news, things are going well.  I got a little lazy about checking all ingredients (I think I got nailed with b
y a  bread or by some buttered potatoes, so I am accepting this game is not over yet with the dairy issues.  

Oddly, I have been noticing that running and biking is both easier and harder. The physical exertion doesn't feel that different, but the
Heart rate and exhaustion afterwards is crazy weird.  Basically, my heart rate is spiking much higher, much faster, and taking longer to come down.

I have a follow up this week to get some bloodwork, but I suspect I'll be told to continue taking it easy. 

With that said, it's off to get some eggs.  I never get tired of eggs.  

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