Friday, September 6, 2013

One bike

Today I went for my first bike ride since the race. I must be cruelly unfashionable right now and wear tall socks so that no seams rub against the tender pink new skin that is patchworking my heel.  That was sure a very deep blister!  

The bike was lovely.  Humid, of course.  We had a ton of rain yesterday, but the weather is still warm and we live in the Willamette Valley, so air just sits.  Very brown, since we are in the brown season.  Stinky at times, because I ride by sheep farms and sheep are very, very smelly.  But overall, I had a magical tailwind most of the time and held a 17mph pace.  Even the hill climb to get home wasn't bad- I granny geared it, of course, but my heart rate didn't spike through the roof and I did not feel as though instant death awaited me with every pedal turn.  

Maybe the month-plus resting has been good?

My tummy felt mostly ok, though I was craving kale throughout the ride.  Guess the body wants more greens for breakfast. So I'm going to make myself some kale chips for later. I've realized that I still must be super careful about the dairy issues.  There are no signs of resolution so far, so I am not going to be one of the fast bounce-back-to-normal people.  I got a little lazy last week about checking ingredients, and got nailed by something (probably a burger bun or a sauce).  It's just not worth the GI issues or the stuffy face or the heartburn that comes with my body's freak out.  So yesterday at the Italian place, I had to change my order. The waitress discovered that they make the gnocchi with cream, so I had to change to a penne.  Deep sigh.  But the sauce was delightful and spicy, and awesome if you are used to a spicy bite when you go Italian. (Says the Italian girl.). 

I'm off to make some miso soup and drink all the Gatorade I didn't drink on my ride and hydrate myself.  It was a good ride, and I am happy that I don't seem to have lost any speed, strength, or fitness in my month of total slacking.  

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