Monday, September 30, 2013

Not Exactly the Workout I Expected

So I pulled out the trainer today. Between really starting to feel better and all the rain, I have a bit of an abundance of energy at moment.  A few people have commented on my improvement in perkiness, so I guess all the clam soups and clam pasta sauces are helping.  (My fondness for the Spiralizer continues apace. No zucchini is safe around me these days! OOoo, maybe I'll make a raw sauce for lunch tomorrow...) 

As I was setting up the trainer, I headed downstairs to change into bike clothes.  I flipped on my bedroom light.  And there, in the corner, near my BED, was the largest, blackest, hairiest spider I have seen inside in Oregon.  

I may have shrieked a little.  

Ok, I screamed like a little girl.  

And then this is where I usually call M to save me.  Unfortunately,my amazing brave triathlete spider-saving spouse is out of town being a dutiful son, so I was on my own.  

This involved more shrieking and a large shoe and some pounding.  The body was so big it was still lumpy. So I sprinted upstairs and grabbed my vacuum.  And I vacuumed it up, and then dumped it into a garbage bag, and put it into the garage. And then I vacuumed the house and the stairs. 

I know that plenty of people wish I would save spiders, and honestly, I've come a long way from "squish and scream". Now it's scream and hope for my manly man to save me.  Spiders are good for the world, but I just can't handle them in bed with me!  

After all that, I decided maybe save the bike for tomorrow, since what with the screaming and vacuuming, it took about 45 minutes plus time to scrub the kitchen.  

What? I find kitchen scrubbing to be good therapy! 

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