Friday, September 27, 2013

First Run Back

So I went for a run, because I was getting curious to know how my iron plan is working. 

First of all, it's not surprising that my iron was down in the dumps.  I've been tracking my food for a bit using a new app called My Fitness Pal.  While it has a slightly dorky name, it tracks more nutrients than LoseIt- such as iron.  Basically, even WITH spinach, kale, a multivitamin, and every iron-rich veggie I could think of, I don't come near the RDA of iron.  

So on a day when I added a clam sauce to that mix... I came within 20% of the RDA of iron.  So I am adding iron-rich food as much as possible, and if this keeps up, I may consider a small iron supplement or changing my multivitamin to one with more iron in it.  Clearly, my body needs it. 

Today's run was actually pretty good.  For most of the run, I felt pretty strong.  My heartrate, in particular, was almost 20 BPM lower than my summer runs, for the first half of the run!  Clearly, the extended rest is doing something.  

I did get tired much more quickly than normal, so I pretty much pooped out on my second half.  So I guess I"m rebuilding.  It would help if I have something to rebuild FOR...

So now I have a goal!  My sister and I have agreed to run the Manchester Road Race in November!  It's a huge, famous race on Thanksgiving Day in Connecticut, and since we all decided to go to Connecticut this summer (because all the family will be in town and we want to meet my cousin's new baby, arriving any day now!), and my sis has run Manchester before, we thought it sounded fun.  It'll be cold!  So I will need my thermal tights, and might have to find a nice thermal sweater. 

But I think I should wear my Ironman 70.3 finisher hat, don't you?  

I am going to work on the running for a week or so before deciding what I want to shoot for in terms of pace.  

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