Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whoa, yeah, so, new car!

So I don't know what you have been doing, but my last few weeks have been a little whirlwindy. 

I bought a car.

It was unexpected, to say the least.  

Long story short, this happened to my beloved Beetle.  

It was not our fault.  It was totaled. No one was injured, thank goodness. And of course, that's the most important thing.  Thank you, solid Beetle, for being so supersafe 

But then there is me needing a decent car. We are going back to one car, and if you are going to be a one car couple, it needs to be awesome.  Our dodge was not awesome.  It was driveable, but I didn't feel comfortable in it like I did my Beetle.  Meanwhile, I hate, really hate, car shopping.  I don't like the notion of having two car loans.  And here we were trying to sell our Dodge and keep our reliable Beetle as our one car.   

So much for that bright idea.  (I drove the Dodge for a few weeks.  I prayed a lot.)

After several weeks and lots of negotiating, here he is: 

So shiny! 

Important things to know about car buying:

1- if you hate the redesign of your favorite car model, you will be buying used.  I drove nine other models of cars, but nothing drives like my Beetle.  I do hate the redesigned Beetle, so I knew I'd be looking at older ones, and I was ok with that. 

2- Certified pre owned is the only way to go. I have a power train warranty on this hottie. My previous Beetle-CPO, 10 years, and no problems. Here's to 10 years with this one!   

3- you can have your own mechanic check it out.  Sure, it cost me some change, but at the end of the day, the inspection warned me off one car that had $1400 in critical repairs needed, and alerted me to the one problem with this (it was missing a fender liner, which the dealer is replacing).  Totally worth the price.

4-walk away. The power of walking out is huge.  I walked out of dealerships several times.  You don't have to take anything less than the deal you want.  Hang in there. You are the consumer, and you have the power. Also, if you are hungry, go get a sandwich. Do not test drive or negotiate hungry. 

5-not every used car salesperson is smarmy.  I ended up really liking the guy I bought from.  I felt respected. He wasn't pushy.  Near the end, his manager was pushing him to close the sale for higher than I wanted.  I was getting close to walking.  My sales guy got some numbers for me, signed in the car as a loaner, and had me take it for the entire afternoon, solo.  I got to talk to some friends without any sales guy breathing down my neck, do some paperwork with the bank so I knew my exact terms (file under 'knowledge is power'), and drive it like I owned it. I came back and the salesguy gave me the deal I wanted. That solo ride sealed the deal.  

At the end of the day, I'm sorry that my faithful old Beetle was squashed.  I realized I missed it.  I lucked out in finding this one, and am very thankful to have what should be a trouble free car for a number of years. 

I just wasn't ready for my Beetle days to be over.  

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