Saturday, August 31, 2013

Returning to Working Out

So I'm not sure if its just dust and ragweed allergies, smoke from the forest fires, general poor air quality in the Willamette valley, symptoms of overtraining, a random cold, or just plain old stress, but I've got a lovely minor head cold.  

It started with a junky nose (and I swear I thought it was smoke).  Original plans had been to do some camping this weekend, but M is still in Maryland, so no sweet little backpacking trip after all.  By Friday, I had swollen ankles, which I thought was odd.  I'm recognizing that water retention is how my body says it is way over tired, especially these last few months.  Of course, the really deep blisters are finally finishing up healing.  Without being graphic, let's just say it was like having burns on my feet.  Things are better now. But I only just started doing regular Barre3 workouts again.  It's not like I was doing backflips and really stressing out! 

I. Am. Frustrated! I hope that it's just stress.  I'll scale back the Barre3 from 40 minutes to 20-30 minute sessions until this passes. 

From the reading, what I've been going thru in recovery does sound a lot like what others describe in overtraining (that led to development of food allergies,) and I know the only cure for that is rest and patience.  But darn it, I'm not doing any more races this year! I'm just doing core work and stretching.  

I hate being patient and relaxing.  

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