Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life Stress

So, you know how I mentioned that Life Stress might have been a factor in my body freaking out and developing a dairy allergy?  

Life stress is hardly abating! 

I have learned that developing food or skin sensitivities is actually a known issue with endurance athletes, whether we are training to do an Ironman or to climb Mt. Everest.  A sweet high-level athlete has also shared that for her, her pregnancy was the thing that pushed her body into a gluten intolerance.  It is sometimes a symptom of overtraining, so I think I really need to commit to a nice gentle fall.  I rode to and from work yesterday, and was all tuckered out, even though the riding weather was perfect.  

So for this fall, my commitments are to get my body used to its new diet, and stretch and lengthen and do all that good Pilates and Yoga stuff.  And slowly, ease back into the biking.  

As for Life Stress... 

The shortest version of the story is that my beloved Beetle is no longer with us in this world, and now I must car shop. 

Car shopping is one of my two least favorite things to shop for, the other being trousers.  When shopping for trousers, I always have a terrible time finding cuts and fabrics that make me look lean and strong.  Most trousers are not cut for muscular women, and my mighty biking legs end up looking like chubby sausages.  Considering that I have actual, visible muscle, I KNOW I'm not a chubby sausage, but it is so hard to believe that when the mirror screams otherwise.  That is why I haven't bought new trousers to replace the ones I bought three years ago when I weighed about 25 pounds more, and it's getting awkward when female friends remark on how loose my clothes are and I can grab whole handfuls of extra fabric.  

Car shopping makes me feel like that.  Despite the fact that we have weathered this recession and this layoff reasonably well (without getting behind on a damn thing and managing to save every month), this extra expense makes me FEEL POOR.  I hate this recession, and I have been calling it a DEPRESSION for a long time.  In a good world, I would want people who have been through awful circumstances: chronic illness, layoffs, emergencies- to have a few years of GOOD LUCK.  We need some jubilee, where everything is forgiven.  And I guess that we need to start with forgiving ourselves, and accepting that less-than-ideal terms right now will be better in a few months.

But in the meantime...

I keep thinking, "What kind of roof racks will I need on the new car, whatever it is, so I can rack the bikes?"  

Do I have my priorities straight, or what?

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