Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dustiest Hike Ever

This past Sunday, after a very exciting and busy Friday and Saturday, we needed some decompression time.  Luckily, we have friends who might be the most relaxing people ever.  I don't know what it is about them, but after spending time with them I always feel like I've had this spiritual massage and been rubbed down with love and care. Seriously, they are awesome.  And it's the strangest thing because all of us are facing some pretty major life stress... 

At any rate, we have been talking about camping so we went to scope out some camping spots.  LAst winter, one of these friends and I went snow shoeing and loved the spot so much we thought it would be wonderful camping.  We returned on Sunday.

Let's just say it would be horrible camping.  The mountain that was deliciously cold with a 10 foot snowpack was scorchingly hot.  The delightful easy trails marked at eye level in the snow were actually two feet deep in scrubby brush with sparse signage way over our heads.  We finally found some OHV trails... Which were ankles deep in sandy dust!  Yeah, we got a little dirty.

But it was an adventure, dammit! 

We worked our way in for a while until we got to a less dusty section to sit and have a picnic.  We had all brought veggies and dips and bread, so it was a super healthy extravaganza spectacular.  Delicious.  

And then we all agreed to try camping elsewhere.  

On the way home we stopped to see some waterfalls.  As soon as we approached, we were greeted with a blowing mist that was a perfect natural air conditioner.  We strolled along, put our feet in the icey cold river, and let the mist wash the dust out of our throats.  

Perfect jump shot, no?  I am terribly vain about this one! Good job to M and his fast iPhone fingers! 

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