Monday, August 12, 2013

A Nice Slow Weekend, Race Plans, and BIke RIde

We've had a bit of craziness in my house lately, so M has been doing some solo running while I have been concentrating on starting to do some stretches.  It's only been the last few days that I have started to feel like I had my old energy levels back. 

I'm going to work on getting my new nutrition rules in order, which means working really hard on upping the protein without any dairy help, and focusing on getting my carbs from veggies.  Still, a huge change.  

I led a lovely field trip yesterday for my parish to The Grotto in Portland.  It is best known as a Catholic shrine and home to a monastery, and also a place where they put on an unbelievable Christmas Lights display.  However, it is one of those places that transcends religion.  You can get plenty of RC stuff in the bookstore and they do have a number of services, but I do not feel at all out of place wearing my collar or just being on the grounds.  I went to walk the labyrinth, and M and I walked to the paths several times, and then spent some time in the meditation chapel. 

The meditation chapel was far from meditative yesterday, as The Grotto had just finished services and was crawling with kids.  Kids asking questions about everything from who the statues were to what was for dinner.  But I think I am more than happy to sacrifice the meditation chapel once in a while.  Because the alternative to a very busy chapel filled with kids' screaming is a dead chapel filled with silence.  

The elevator to the cliff top.  (Clergy friends, you get in free.  Everyone else is 4.50 for grownups and 3.50 for over 65s.)  

The labyrinth.  I can't wait until St. Mary's has our own!!

Some surprising color in the midst of the gardens. 

In the meditation chapel, looking out at the view.  Seriously, I could spend an hour here when it's quiet.  In January, M and I did just that.  It is really a thin place. 

I snuck a picture of the church from the back pew!  There are bays of candles on either side, and the services take place in that little cave.  You can buy candles in the gift shop for various saints.  Next time, I think I'd like to pick up one of the little car rosaries for my rosary collection. 

Of course, we followed all this with dinner.  Several hours of walking around meant I earned my dinner, right?  Huge shout out to McCormick and Schmicks, who were so kind about my new friend, the dairy allergy.  They even sent the manager out to let me know that my spouse's chicken wings DID have butter, to let me know I shouldn't share that dish!  They also made my mussels without the butter.  They were delicious. 

Meanwhile, in race organizing, I have gotten our event on the national calendar and am rolling out the advertising.   I got our images, so this week, will start working on the posters and in-house designs for T-shirts and posters, and hopefully race medals!  I also plan to research race medal places, T-shirt vendors, and get a few more sponsors committed! 

Also this Sunday, I am going to bike ride to the parish picnic!  I haven't decided what to ride yet (the BMC or the Trek) since I'll be riding with a group who may or may not be riding fast.  Besides, I still have to wash the BMC.  I am shocked to realize that it's been several weeks since I've ridden.  It's NEVER been that long.  So I was really tired!  But I will get a burger on Sunday, so that is a good reason to ride, right? 

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