Thursday, July 11, 2013


Well, my training plan (so well organized in the beginning!) pretty much went straight to heck about two months ago.  It was a combo of getting M back from his long away-at-work, and being my own interim while I hire a new staff member, and having to completely change my diet mid season...

So ultimately, I feel just really tired, really hungry, and really terrified that I'm actually trying to race in a few weeks.  

I am going to do Barre3 workouts because Sadie Lincoln makes me feel happy and strong dang it!, and ease up.  No more builds for me between now and race. Small workouts.  But I don't think I'll benefit from trying to add anything else in right now.  

Ultimately- I wish I had been more regular with Barre3. I love those workouts and they are so good for my core and stretchiness. But I felt so shy at first trying to do it in front of M, and then it got so hot and my upstairs is a roasty house in the heat wave.  I know, excuses, excuses, but that's what a training journal is for.  So back on the core strength bandwagon during taper. 

I would never advise changing your diet mid-season.  Learning to go without dairy has been a nightmare. I was so dependent on yogurt and cheese sticks for snacks and protein.  Having to give all that up, and user a lousy doctor, meant my carbs and protein ratio got way put of whack.  Finally, a doctor switch left me with a good doc who had a long talk about nutrition which has been helpful.  I am settling back in, and am down 10 pounds from April, putting me right at the upper level of ok-to-race weight.  Over the next year I would like to lose 5-10 more, but it will need to be a slow process for me.  

But normally, I would have done something like this over the winter or in the fall.  I'd never do something like this mid season... Unless I HAD to. 

And I did.  The dairy free stuff continues to rock my world.  Sinus issues... Gone. Headaches... Gone.  Tummy troubles... Resolving quickly, so I actually feel like race nutrition is a solvable puzzle at last.  So it was a good call by my new doctor, who classified it as an actual allergy. It means no dairy at all, for the most part (if I want dairy, I need allergy medicine and Lactaid!). He believes my episode of food poisoning probably pushed my body over the edge. For some people, their bodies heal after a while.  For some people, it's forever.  Only time will tell.  

So no dairy reactions this week... Although there might have been a little in a meal I had earlier. Thankfully I was loaded up on my just in case drugs.  

Alrighty. Off to my morning of meetings, and then an afternoon of whipping more stuff into shape.  

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