Wednesday, July 3, 2013

M, Dog Hero, Saver of Puppies

I was all set to post about my awesome swim workout yesterday where I swam 38 laps in 40 minutes. This is a little over a mile, and a whopping 7 or so minutes off my previous best (the backstroke at Leadman).  I can't remember how long it's taken me to swim miles before, so I figured this was a good start.  

But then the afternoon got a lot more exciting.  I went back to work, and M went out for a run on the Ridgeline trail, starting from Willamette street. As he approached the trailhead on the other end on Blanton road, he saw two dogs.  

They were coming up to people and being friendly, but otherwise were sticking close to the trail head sign. Worse yet...

Nothing but a small, dry yogurt cup.  The dogs were very hot and panting heavily.  M looked around for owners.  He checked for tags.  The dogs were wearing collars with bells but not tags.  He rallied a few nearby hikers who took their water bottles and made impromptu water dishes for the dogs, as Martin ran for his car on the other side of the butte. 

Then he called me, trying to explain the story, ask for driving directions to the trailhead, and plan help for the dogs all at once.  

I got confused.  

The conversation ended with me giving him directions based on a lousy map that Eugene posts on its website, packing up a gallon of water with a dish, and driving out to the trailhead myself.  Where I met M who beat me there by a few minutes.  He was playing with the dogs.  

They ran right up to me. 

They were both friendly and polite and happy to be getting attention.  We gave them water which they slurped down.  And we asked a few hikers if they knew if there were owners.  No one knew anything.  Night was a few hours away, and there was no water on the trail.  Worse, we know there are bears and cougars on the butte, according to the signs!  

We called animal control.  We had missed the closing time, and the shelter would reopen at 10AM. 

It wasn't a hard decision to take them home for the night.  They gleefully hopped into M's car and I went to the store to get some dog food and a rawhide bone each. 

Poor little girls were hungry!  They weren't starved or underweight, but they definitely had not eaten today.  

They are housebroken, walk nicely on a leash, and are happy to see people. 

We went for a nice little neighborhood jaunt this morning, and they only pee outside.  Their housebreaking is spot on.  They also don't bark.  

We did take them to the shelter, where the shelter actually found an ad listing them!  The owner had been trying to find a new home for them, so the shelter will research their story to see if they had a new owner yet.  They have to stay at least a week. But now we know their names and that they are both full grown.  

It is very good we took them in.  Aside from predators, these dogs were going up to all the cars looking to make friends.  They could have gotten hit by a car.  And without water, they could have gotten very sick from dehydration.  They enjoyed their stay at Casa Triathlete!

Meanwhile at home... 
is not at all sorry to see his temporary dog sisters depart.  He wasn't all that sure what he thought of the funny smell.  

But he really liked the special treats which he thought we left on the counter just for him. 

Someone tell our cats they are NOT dogs?  

So that was the dramatic story of How M Saved The Puppies.  

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