Thursday, July 18, 2013

It has already begun...

So I left work around 3 to go drop off some paperwork to reserve a park for a big fall event (news to come soon!) and dropped by REI. 

Ironman didnt tell me what will be served on the race course, so I go prepared.  After a rough start with Hammer products, the gels have become my favorites ever.  The Clif stuff is my old standby, and of course, a salt stick for this cramp-prone girl.  I think I go through electrolytes at four times the rate of other humans, even though I sweat 1/4 as much.

I don't expect to eat all this and my picky bars. I just like having choices.  I'll put some of these on my bike and some in T2. That way I can grab what I want.  

Now I'm just making dinner (spaghetti squash topped with quinoa and sauce) and getting ready to start packing.  

In very sad news, I had a right toenail that had been bugging me for a few days, and I left it alone.  Turns out I had ripped it while running, and my WHOLE FREAKING TOENAIL WAS RIPPED OFF.  So now I have a sore toe from a ripped off toenail.  Ouch. I bet the bugs in the lake will enter my body through my toe and I shall die around mile 7 of the run.  

It was nice knowing y'all.  

Anyway, I expect to have a race report to post on Monday! 

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