Thursday, July 4, 2013

Butte to Butte 2013 race report!

We both ran the Butte to Butte today- easily my favorite 4th of July tradition! M had a crazy good race, at 58:48.  I was a few minutes behind at 1:01:17.  Still a huge improvement over our first year when we were in the 1:10's! I was sorta hoping for a sub-1 hour, but that was going to work out. Wanna know why? Course ya do! 
Last night- baseball!

It started last night, when we went out to the Eugene Emeralds game with friends.  Fun ballpark, great ballpark beer, fun minor league game, and of course, ballpark food.  Following doctor's orders (or more like, Doctor said 'if you MUST eat dairy, do this'), I loaded up on Lactaid and allergy meds.  It helped the wort of the reaction, so I didn't get the worst of the gut pain, but I did get the funky sinuses.  Let's just say I'd better be real careful not to do this on a regular basis.  I woke up this morning with my guts in a little bit of a roil, but otherwise feeling ok. Oh, and my ankles were way swollen.  That's what I get for not hydrating with anything but a pint of good beer and strawberry lemonade! Into the compression socks.  

We got to the race start, put our warmup clothes into a bag, changed into running shoes, and then I used the bathroom about 15 times.  Then off we went to our starting corral! 

I started strong, pacing M. He was so strong he didn't even stop on that big hill.  I slowed to a walk, though... I was getting MAJOR HEARTBURN!  (Part of the dairy reaction).  I tried so hard to keep it down.  I massaged my tummy.  I swallowed. I walked.  I tried desperately to do anything to quiet my angry gut down!  

And then, out of NOWHERE, "BRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!!" I let out the most supersonic burp in the world.  Seriously, runners around me stopped and stared.  "Oh that felt good!" Said I, and it really did. I let off two more, and thankfully that settled the tummy and the rest of my race was un eventful and strong.  If I hadn't had that tummy issue, I bet that time goal of mine would have been In the bag. 

Overall, I am realizing that gels or blox are necessary for me on the runs.  I cannot stomach chewable solids, but I can't do just plain water, either, for optimal performance. In Ironman 70.3, that won't be an issue.  My one quibble with B2B is that their on course aid stations are sorta terrible. Not well run (at many of them, you have to pick up your own cup and sometimes even fill it!), and always just plain water.  Let year, I ran with Gatorade, and should have done that this year, too.  

The finish line festival was great, though, their best yet! I got trail mix, bananas, a Sobe drink, a stress ball, a coke and Pepsi sample, a frisbee, and a water bottle for my throwaway collection.  Then we joined friends for late breakfast at the vegan breakfast joint. Yummy biscuits and gravy!  

Still smiling after a race.  Good ending! 

All in all, excellent. 

We leave tomorrow morning for some camping and a little open water swimming in exotic Oregon locals! 

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