Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures in Race Organizing, Adventures in Pizza, and A Cool Cookbook

Race Organizing: 

It is not for sissies.  Luckily, people are really excited about the project so I'm finding there's plenty of enthusiastic volunteers who are lining up for help in various quarters.  I have a well-populated checklist so far.  It hasn't been too difficult to start lining up sponsors for things like prizes and goodies in the goody bags.  I'm just nervous about getting all these parts to fall into place! 

But if you are thinking about this race and you are in Oregon or will be in Oregon on Nov. 9, block out 10AM to noon on your calendar for the most fun Diocesan event in the universe.  Trust me.  You WANT to be here for this!

Adventures in Pizza: 

On Saturday, I volunteered at Tri at the Grove.  Previously, I seem to remember these amazing burritos.  This year, they had pizza instead.  Lovely, greasy, delicious-looking pizza.  They had no vegan options, but everyone else was eating what was clearly the best pizza in the world.  They were singing odes to the pizza, dancing in joy with their pizza slices, and chowing down on cheese, pepperoni, and veggies.  There was even a gluten free option.  (But no vegan.)  

"How bad," thought I, "can one bite be?  I've been recovering so well for a while now.  Perhaps just one bite will be just fine.  Besides," I rationalized, "the doctor says to experiment on occasion to find out what I can tolerate."  

I ate one bite.  And then I ate the crust.  The crust, I figured, had less cheese than other parts of the pizza and was just the bread. 

Well, the good news is that the lactaid minimizes the worst of it.  But there were other bad, bad, very bad things that happened.  And the least of the bad things is the stuffy face/allergy-style reaction like hay fever.  

Damn.  No more pizza for a while.  

Cool cookbook: 
On the bright side, a fun parishioner gave me this: 

It is a vegan Sriracha cookbook.  So entirely dairy-safe and delicious.  I chucked out some of the menu items I had planned and made this for a side dish instead: 
That, my friends, is a Sriracha succotash.  The sweet corn really cuts the bite of Sriracha.  

Can't wait to try the peanut butter Sriracha cookies.  

Pot lucks this year are going to be epic.  

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