Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adventures in race organizing

So I have been mostly relaxing.  I've been reading a lot about post race recovery- I realized I hadn't thought about it at all.  Most sources seem to say to are it really easy for week one. (And others seem to suggest that recovery may take as long as a month for newbies and undertrained people!)  Refuel, rest. Light walking and stretching. So I took a walk from work to the county fairgrounds (10 minutes) and then ambled around the Fair with M. Corncobs may have been eaten.  

I was surprised to discover how hungry I am all of the sudden.  It's not the normal pre race feed me.  It's FEED ME NOW OR DIE!!! I am trying to focus on veggies and proteins to satisfy those urges.  At least the water retention is starting to resolve. By Monday evening, I was up 8 pounds!  Now I've lost four as of this morning and am rapidly heading towards six.  So I hope to be back to Normal soon.  

After our air grounds walk, I was rapidly afflicted with Deadweight Disease, where every body part feels so heavy.  So I have to remember to not push it! 

In race news, I'm working on food sponsorships now. Hopefully, I can get some donated foodies for our race in November!  Starting this early is helping me work on the "elevator speech"- what we are running and why. It'll be fun!  

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