Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Aquabike, and I Discover a Way I Don't Hate Oatmeal

Today, on our way out the door for a bike ride, we decided it was so friggin' hot that we'd like to take our swim stuff and throw in a swim.  I settled on Cottage Grove (the cleanest, coldest lake around, and also the one M will be swimming in the Rolf Prima Tri this month).

Our first attempt at bike ride was a no-go- the Gears group is so much fun to ride with, but I'd ridden the route they were doing today a few times and I wanted new and fun.  So we headed to Cottage Grove to do our own thing.  We elected to ride around the lake with a few extra miles tacked on, which will be great so M can get used to the road and know what he's facing for his race.  Yeah, we're that kind of triathlete now, who pre-rides race courses.

Oh, hey, look!  A bald eagle nest!  M had some fun whistling to it, and some bird or another (we don't if it was the eagle or not) was calling back.  

The ride was great- a little wind, but just enough so I got a great workout without it being killer.  I also had my homemade electrolyte drink (modified from the Thrive recipe- basically, I leave out the dates).  I drank a full bottle of that in the first hour on the bike.

After that, we suited up in wetsuits (right around the time I realized I had brought no dry clothes to wear home.  Whoops).  We got in the water.  Oh, sure, I whined a bit about the cold water, but in reality, it felt really good.

Cottage Grove is a great lake to swim in.  I wish it didn't allow motorboats.  I find the big wakes to be disorienting when they hit me.

I had a good first 2/3 of the swim, but the last 1/3 went downhill.  I started feeling pretty awful- queasy, negative energy, uncomfortable, dragging... I forced myself through the last bit of that swim, but opted out of the last out-and-back to the last buoy.  So it was a slightly shorter swim that I had planned.  (Maybe by 1 or 2 hundred yards?)

But once in the car, as we got started home, I started asking for McDonald's Chicken Sandwiches.  Thankfully, M has known me long enough by now and pulled over so I could get a banana and a Kind bar out of our cooler in the back instead.  I spent the ride home sipping away on my second bottle of drink and sharing the food, and felt 1,000% better by the time we got home.  I'd just burned all my available fuel in that nearly three hour workout!  I don't anticipate this being a problem on race day- the swim comes first, and I have a snack before the swim.  Then by the time I'm on the bike, I'm getting hungry, so I used the bike to eat and drink.  I never feel good on the run, so I find I eat pretty light on the run.  The bike is my rolling buffet! (Later in the afternoon, while at the grocery store, I would go ape for some salty kale chips, so I have to remember that my body dumps electrolytes and keep the salt up.)

In other news, I have been a lifelong oatmeal hater.  I just hate it.  I've never liked any warm cereals or mushy things: grits, cream of wheat, oatmeal.  Bleah.  M likes it in a bowl with a ton of milk.  I say again, bleah.

But when we got home, he'd chopped up a mango.  I'd read about someone who did oatmeal, banana, and peanut butter... so I thought "fresh mango chunks, what can go wrong!"  I microwaved some oatmeal with a little less water than it called for, so it was still big flakes instead of mushy nothings.  I mixed it with the mango, some dried cranberries, and a few almonds.

THIS is what delicious oatmeal looks like.  I would like to eat more of this, 
perhaps on our big 4th of July camping trip!  

So overall verdict: MAN, it is OREGON HOT today!  (It's over 75.  It is amazing we can live like this!)  But a good solid workout and so I call it a win. 

For some reason, we thought that tempeh ragu over roasted spaghetti squash was a good idea.  For the record, next time it's a hot day like this, I'm calling it for take-out sushi.  

Don't feel bad if I don't record anything this week: plans include getting M registered for the Rolf Prima, running the Butte to Butte (10K, as always!), and a nice little mini camping trip.

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