Monday, June 3, 2013

Plans for the Week

Well, after going to bed around 9:30PM, falling asleep without really meaning to, and sleeping til 7:30AM, I feel much more like my normal self.

I even got a little hyper and made muffins out of my new used cookbook for dairy-free cooking.  They are a little on the sweet side, so I think I'll cut down the sugar next time.  But it'll be nice to have muffins!  I think I'll bake some and bring them to work so I can have muffins without always having to get the Mega-Gigantic Vegan Muffin at Full City.  While that's a very good muffin indeed, it's about the size of two of my fists... a bit too much muffin, really.

So today I am writing like a fiend and have organizing to do.  We have been cleaning things up and getting stuff re-unified.  Amazing how un-unified our record keeping had become, and now I have to do things like re-integrate his car records with the car-maintenance-records-file, and figure out where to convince him to file his papers, so that we don't have constant Paper Pile on the coffee table.

This week:

I plan at least three swims- one of those as an open water, if I can!  I want to try my new stroke in the wetsuit.

Three to four runs- at least one long run of 8 miles to hold onto my base, and one shorty one for speed, and at least two trail runs on the Ridgeline to work on my hills and overall whininess.  I attacked hills all last year on my bike and it made me that much stronger.  Time to get over the fear of hills on the run, as well!

Bike rides- well, my bike is so strong at this point that, while I'm not the fastest chick on the road, I don't think anything of throwing down a 50 mile fun ride.  So alas, bikes are going to have to be workout candy for me.  I have to do my OTHER workouts before I can play on bikes.  I hope that I can join the LifeCycle ride on Wednesday, and perhaps the Gears ride on Saturday.  I'd check out my calendar, but I think I accidentally left it home.  Oops!  (Very frustrating as Monday mornings are typically the day when I correlate all my calendars!)  :-(

Off I go.  I shall report on the week as we go along.  I will have a VERY exciting report for tomorrow's swim with my swim coach!

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