Sunday, June 2, 2013

No workout weekend

My job sometimes weird hours- usually, for great reasons.  This week was bookended by two celebrations and filled in the middle with services.  

I was just beat.  I got a ton of walking done but No real workout. Ah well. 

My left ankle has been sore- like it's been stretched too much- and both my feet feel like balloons.  I'm just a bit lethargic.  I guess thats par for the course when you stand up for a living! I decided a weekend of no running could only benefit that ankle. The compression socks were awesome too.  I pulled them on when I got home from work at three and wore them out to a party.  Nuts? Maybe. But they really feel so good on my feetsies! I want more compression socks!  

Dairy free note- reading my new (used) dairy free cookbook, it's explaining me to a T. I bet I've been slowly becoming lactose intolerant for years.  I'm breathing better than I can remember- in fact, I almost feel like have a superpower nose right now.  I've become very fussy about taste, probably due to the heightened smell.  The white coating on my tongue disappeared and I have a very pink tongue.  No headaches (except from the devil kava).  All this seems to jive with the lactose intolerant information.  So now it's just figuring out whether its an intolerance or an allergy, and how long it will last.  Many nice people have shared with me their stories- many people can eventually have a little dairy, some recover fully, but many others have just stayed off entirely.  I think I'll stay off for a while and try experimenting in the all, after the season is done.  No reason to screw around with my tummy too early!  

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