Monday, June 17, 2013

My house is pretty

This is not tri related, unless I say something like "I was standing on my deck yesterday after I'd gotten home and showered and changed after my long hot gross run". 

But this is life in the hills.  

We watched the sunset instead of TV for a long time.  

Oh, here, I'll make this post tri-related.  I made the Thrive sports drink this morning.  I was starting to get those headaches that I get when I drink straight water.  I know that everyone else in the universe can drink straight water, but I think my body dumps electrolytes like a three-year old with a Tonka truck full of Legos.  I have, for as long as I remember, had this issue where if I drink more than 16 oz of straight water, I start getting a headache that doesn't resolve until I eat something salty.  

Last summer, I got the Thrive book (vegan triathlete, neat recipes mostly, though I wish more of them had serving sizes listed) and drank the sports drink pretty much round the clock all summer.  Once I started doing that, headaches totally resolved and cramping dropped way down.  So it was time to up the electrolyte intake again.  It's a lemon-lime-coconut oil-date mixture, and is totally worth checking the book out of your local library.  Thrive, Brendan Brazier.  

I also made a batch of energy bars from the No Meat Athlete energy bar formula site, and have them in my freezer.  Easy peasy, delicious.  

Basically, I'm into a few big build weeks now.  I gotta get my run up in distance, and start solidifying my swim distance with all the changes I've made, and get in a few long bikes.  

M and I are planning some century rides later this summer (after the races).  And hopefully, some big hikes with friends!  So it'll be a fun summer.  

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