Monday, June 17, 2013

Long Runs, Hot Bike Path

So my run speed is an abomination.  Whoops.  I was doing so well working on speed, for a while there.  I think I'm just a lazy runner and I need other runners to keep me honest.  Or I need a better run tracker, since my Allsport GPS app averages everything including walk breaks and stretching into your overall miles per minute.  I've been trying a strategy where, when you get tired, instead of fighting it, you slow to a fast walk for 1 minute, and then start up again.  It always seems to help.  

Yesterday I went for an afternoon longer run- we've been running the Ridgeline trail, doing a 2 minutes on, 1 minute off philosophy, up and down those big steep hills.  So I wanted to go flat and fast.  

I did the Fern Ridge bike path down to Greenhill... pretty much as flat as you are going to get. 

Unfortunately, I always forget how sunny it is.  I didn't wear a visor and I overdressed.  I could have worn shorts and a tank.  I wore pants and a tee.  So I was hot.  Really hot and sweaty.  I finished the run (6 miles from my house) in just about an hour, with three 1 minute walk breaks and one stretch break (my left hip flexor was being whiny.)  

This morning, I started off with two Barre3 stretch and core workouts.  Perhaps I should make that a morning routine.  The stretching is very, very good, and the core can only help me, right?  It's harder to fit in Barre3 with M home, because I feel so silly doing workouts with an audience, and our house is TEENY.  

In other news, dairy issues continue to plague me.  So far, no attempts at reintroducing anything has gone well.  Everything seems to be causing a reaction at this point.  So I am sticking to non-dairy options until I can discuss it with my (new) doctor (after I dumped my last doctor for lousy charting, a blah bedside manner, and loosey goosey staff who lost my appointment that I waited over a month for).  

I am trying to focus on replacing the protein without over-carbing.  It is very complicated and I think I might need to get a nutritionist.  (My last doctor didn't want to send me to a nutritionist.  She just said, "Oh, so you need protein.  That'll be complicated." Another thing that nixed her.)  My weight sprang back up a few pounds with all the dairy issues, but I am hopeful that since I am tracking in a different way now, I can bring it back down.  I think I was eating too many easy carbs. One thing I have discovered is that dairy free or vegan options can be three times as high in calories as their dairy counter parts.  Once, I got "allergy free" burger buns for a picnic- I found they were 340 calories, EACH!  Yikes!  So I have to be careful.  

Also- regards the carbs- perhaps I should remind myself that if it is hard to cook (i.e., rice takes a long time to cook, as does millet and amaranth, and other grains), it is probably better for me than the easy thing (the tortilla that takes 30 seconds to defrost).  I should focus on difficult carbs, because they will fuel my body better and are probably better overall nutritionally.  

Eating has been REALLY COMPLICATED this season.  But I'm working on it.  And I AM down about 9 pounds from the beginning of the year, so it's a work in progress.  I have 9 more that I want to go before my race.  

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