Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dairy Got Me Again

So I was hungry yesterday without a snack on hand. (Also part of the learning process). I went to my favorite coffee shop, where, alas!, they were out of vegan muffins.  So I tried my other coffee shop, where they tried to work with me to make a dairy-free alternative.  They were "pretty sure" the bread was a dairy free variety. So they made me a special PB and J.  I heart them.  

Sadly, the bread was NOT dairy free. Oh my. I spent the rest of the evening and most of today in misery. Oh well.  Not their fault.  

Lesson learned. Must always have a Picky Bar in my possession. 

In other news, we are going to adjust our automated emeals plan and do a modified paleo (meaning I will probably sub out most of the meat with veg options, but otherwise try the paleo plan) for a while. We have been doing the vegetarian plan all this time, and while it is often good, sometimes really blah, and occassionally has a dreadful meal, it is also pretty dairy heavy, and very carb heavy.  The Paleo plan seemed to be dairy free without my having to constantly be on the watch.  So we wanted to try it and see if it helps me keep my protein up.  

I'm going for a follow up with the doctor early next week.  I switched doctors when I learned that my previous doc had written zero chart notes except "Gastritis". Basically, my chart reflects only that ive had an upset tummy.  No mention of the lactose intolerance symptoms, or strict dairy free diet I was asked to follow, no record of Any sort of deduction.  It looks like the doc thought i was a hypochondriac and so didn't bother to write notes.  So for all this major life change, the only record is what I have written down.  Not acceptable.  If I'm making major life changes like being an Italian girl giving up mozzarella, there damn well better be a legit record.  So, new doc.  Hopefully, I can have a good conversation, find some solutions, and maybe get a referral for nutrition so I can be sure that what I'm doing is the right thing.  

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