Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Working on my Swim Kick

All we did yesterday was go to the pool and work on our kicks.  Back and forth and back and forth.  On the kickboard.  Kicking away.  

My legs continue to be sore this afternoon.  Because, wow, that is a lot of kicking that happens there.  Eeek.  

And my abs... my side abs and my upper abs are creating a frowny face of unhappiness with me, and yet I courageously continue to sit upright.  

That's right.  Booyah.  

But in other news, the pool has an awesome playground, so I got to play on some playground equipment.  How many activity points do I get for all that upper body work?  

Now in exciting news, I think I get to go to REI and buy a toy.  M has said that I can use the dividend this year for me because he got to use it last year for him.  So I'm deciding what else I should get!  I used part of it to get a pouch that attaches to my running belt to hold things like gels and my phone and my keys.  Stuffing that stuff into my socks or under the leg bands of my shorts just wasn't working for me.  

So what else should I get?  Decision, decisions!

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