Sunday, May 12, 2013

Staggering through the hills

So my long day at work didn't quite go as planned.

I thought I'd be able to slip out inbetween services and events and get a swim done.

Instead the to-do list blew up, and in the end, I decided to stay for just a little bit of the event, then slip out early and tackle the rest of the weekend to-do list.

My Beetle remains in the shop.  We pray for its little sick Beetle soul.

So since I didn't get my swim in today (booooo!) I went instead for a run in the hills.

OK, so it was more of a staggering through the hills.  I called it "hill intervals" on my GPS tracker.  That means that I run uphill until I can't, then I turn around and walk downhill until I recover a tiny bit, and then I re-run the section again.  It is miserable.

But it really helps.

And then I did two stretching routines.

And M made seasoned rice and this amazing curry dish.  It was delicious and there was tofu.

So it was not the workout I wanted, but I am content with the workout I got.

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