Saturday, May 25, 2013

Senior Citizen Hours

Senior citizen hours are setting in early this season.  All week, I've been crashing by 10!  Normally I'm wide awake until at least 12 midnight, but all I've wanted this was a fluffy bed starting around 10 until 7 am.  That's a lot of sleeping!  It's been a big build week, plus a lot of writing and work stuff, so it makes sense. I'm working brain and body.  

In the height of the season, I go to bed early- 10 pm. I guess I'm building well if I'm tired! 

In dairy news, I tried 1/2 oz of goat cheese this morning with good results. No immediate pain and agony.  Some very delayed possible effects so we will keep taking it easy.  

I refused to do my formal weigh in this morning.  I went to the group and it was great- positive and informative.  But I had looked on my home scale before going and I was four and a half pounds heavier than yesterday.  That is all water weight.  I had a very salty celebration dinner with M and it was worth every hard earned bite, but it led to lots of water weight.  How much?  Well, after eating normally all day and drinking like a fiend outside in the desert in July, I'm two pounds lighter tonight, fully dressed, after dinner.  

I did not need the formal scale this morning.  As they say, "ain't nobody got time for that". 

My friend likes to say that if the scale will mess with your head, just stay off it.  

I didn't need the scale this week.  I needed that long bike ride, my happy M, and the "cry me a river" problem of my work pants getting so loose that I will have to stop wearing them soon.  

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