Monday, May 20, 2013

Rest Day and Picnic Day

I've been having a sad few days: my beloved Beetle/Bikemobile is in the shop.  Its timing belt broke.  This damaged my pistons.  Now it is getting fixed.  On one hand, HUGE repair.  On the other hand, still cheaper than buying a new car.  Poor Beetle.  

In other news, I found myself REALLY tired this week.  It was a build week, but by Saturday, I was so beat that I took an extra rest day and a giant nap.  Saturday and Sunday I did nothing but walking.  Happily, I'm just two pounds away from my first goal weight, which means I am well on track to hit my "racing weight" by next month.  

This is week Three of the Strict-Dairy-Free Fast.  I was SO GOOD and SO SAD at Pentecost at church yesterday: we get this lovely, sugary, delicious cake to celebrate.  And I turned down every bite because I couldn't know if it was dairy free or not.  Good for my waistline, yes, but damn, I wanted that cake!  I weep so much for the lost cake. 

Then we went to a youth picnic.  I look forward to this picnic, and we were having it at a new venue- instead of at church, at the Wayne Morris Farm.  I thought it was delightful- fire pit, counters, space for a grill, so all in all, fairly easy to use.  Huge field to play in.  

My colleague, in charge of smores, got special gourmet dairy free chocolate so I could have a smore too!  And my other colleague brought several varieties of potato chip, including one that he read the label for to be sure it was dairy free.  And I brought fake vegan cheese (jury is still out on how it tasted...) and gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free rolls, and veggie burgers.  
This is me in the morning, feeling responsible.  I posted this to Facebook in case anyone saw my facebook page without having seen me at church.  

Alas, I did not read the veggie burger labels.  They were VEGGIE BURGERS FOR PETE'S SAKE! Who'da thunk that VEGGIE BURGERS had dairy in them?  

That's right.  

Most of them do.  Shortly after eating what I THOUGHT was my delicious dairy-free meal, I became aware that something was going wrong.  By the time M and I were driving home, my poor tummy was in full blown cramps and turmoil.  Two doses of alka seltzer and a night's rest later, I feel a bit like I have a hangover, and I am much, much more educated.  

I gotta read ALL those labels. Like this.  

Oh, look, there it is.  CURSES!  CURSES, I tell you!

This was the week I was supposed to start reintroducing dairy products to see how I do, so I am going to count that as Attempt #1 and file it under GIANT FAIL, subcategory, Dry Milk Powder.  I'll try some goat later this week, and see what happens.  

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