Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nice Long Run, After Which I Get Wild At Keystone Cafe

Today we both got a jumpstart on the day. And in dairy-free news- my tummy feels awesome, and even my chronic workout rhinitis seems remarkably reduced. I haven't had a tummy/intestine attack since Tuesday (when the strict dairy-free thing started) and I can't recall feeling this good for this many days at once. Let's hope this continues!

After an early out-of-the-house call, I started from the Trader Joe's shop on Coburg and ran back to downtown Eugene via the bike path. The first mile (right off Coburg) was highly sketchy thanks to the large population of tramps and bridge people. Perhaps I'm a prude, but isn't 9AM too early to be smoking your pot? The cat-calling is uncomfortable to run by, as well.

Overall, (once past the Sketchy Gauntlet), the direct route was too short and direct so I actually ran toward Springfield a few miles before I crossed a footbridge and headed back to Eugene.

As I got into Alton Baker park, I noticed how many runners were out today. There sure were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine. As in, a LOT.

Then I noticed a large number of those people were wearing capes. And most of them were running in the same direction as me. And I glanced over my shoulder, and saw many of them wearing race numbers.

And that was how I discovered I was inadvertently running bandit in a race!

As we approached the finish line, I jumped off the path and ran on the grass so I'd avoid the finish line time markers (I did pass under the START markers, but there was no way to run around the whole race set up by that point- it blocked the entire path and I didn't know any alternate route to get from where I was to where I was going).

I looped a few more loops while I waited for M to get out of his Bikram yoga class. Then we went to eat breakfast.

After that, we headed to Eugene Running Company where I met my next pair of shoes: Brooks PureFlow 2. They aren't zero drop (yet) but they are definitely more minimal than my current pair. I think the guy said they were 4%? As I've gotten stronger, I find I've wanted less and less shoe. I still want to "test drive" the Zoots tri-specific shoe, but I think the Brooks will be mine by this week. They were full of bouncy, good feeling fun. Yeah, I can't believe I just said that about a running shoe, either. Even though I can't have the cute purple ones- they ran narrow, so I have to get the special wider black ones. But those are just wide enough to give me space while still providing just a little bit of squeeze and support to my big floppy flipper feet.

If you are ever in Eugene: head thee to Keystone. It drives me crazy and is a hole in the wall, but it's also a special Eugene treasure- extreme people-watching, a HUGE vegan menu and arguably the best biscuits and gravy in town. I got super adventurous today, though. Instead of ordering my usual (the biscuits and gravy), I ordered a vegan Powerhouse! It was a bed of rice with baked tofu and veggies, all topped in nutritional yeast gravy.

Is YOUR Episcopal priest that wild? That's right, I didn't think so.

Best part of it (in addition to getting to eat a boatload of tofu, which is my favorite food!) was ordering off the HUGE vegan menu. I am being very faithful to the doctor's orders to avoid ALL dairy for three weeks, and it can be complicated. I find that ordering vegan at restaurants seems to be the safest.

A word about food issues: in general, I don't pitch a fit about food stuff. I eat mostly vegetarian, but I also eat what I am served. This last week, I was handed down strict dairy-free orders. And while my tummy has been blessedly better since Tuesday with no awful attacks, it's also been quite the week in learning to eliminate or sub out ingredients, and figuring out how to tell people that the dairy thing is not a preference, it's a rule. It feels different than saying "I normally eat vegetarian" because with that I know that I can 'cheat' and have the bacon if I want to, and it wouldn't make me sick. But right now, I literally can't have dairy or I will get quite sick. It feels like TMI or melodrama right now to say, "Oh, I have dairy issues".

I wonder how you folks with food intolerances handle them?

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