Thursday, May 16, 2013

McKenzie View Bike and Biking to Work

Yesterday we met up with LifeCycle for another Wednesday ride.  This one followed a totally new-to-me route- riding McKenzie View from the other side!  I've ridden a lot of these roads, but never in this order, so it was really fun to go backwards.

Overall, I felt really well fueled.  In the midafternoon, I started raging for a snack.  Of course, with the strict lactose-free diet at the moment, I am eating mostly at home, or sticking to strict vegan when out to avoid lactose entirely.  (One more week...)  Imagine my delight when I found out that Full City (my favorite coffee shop) has vegan snacks!  One of the baristas was even vegan herself, so she guided me to the vegan products.  I ended up having a big blueberry-nut muffin.  I wondered if that was why I felt so supercharged all afternoon!

The ride didn't feel particularly grueling.  It was a nice easy 40 miles.  I think the ride up the back half of McKenzie (going towards Coburg) is easier than the climb in the other direction.  I didn't realize it til I was on Coburg again, but I'd spent the whole day in my big ring.  So really, nice lovely easy ride.  I felt really good after getting off the bike.

M was about ready to eat anything that stayed still long enough for him to sink his teeth in.  Even after two gels, he was begging for gummy bears.  So we stopped by Chipotle, and then by the grocery to get me more Vitamin B12 and him some gummy bears.  I'm trying to figure out if sublingual B12 or a regular B-complex is the right set of vitamins for me.  We shall see!

Today, we biked to work.  I am still waiting for my Beetle to be fixed.  M wanted to get out of the house for a while.  So we rode to my workplace where I took care of Thursday afternoon things and waiting for them to call me about my Beetle.  (Nothing yet!) I got worried that I would be too hungry to bike home, so I made myself eat a sandwich.

Unfortunately, something in the sandwich didn't agree with me.  I did not check to see if the bread was dairy-free, and ended up with some of the lactose-related problems.  (Upset tummy, headache, acid reflux).  I guess I'll have to be super careful about stuff like that for a while yet.  Either that, or riding home in full rain gear was a little bit of overkill (the rain stopped as we headed out, so it was not a rainy ride after all) and I overheated.  One of those two!

Just enough time now to relax, make dinner, and prepare to watch the finale of The Office!

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