Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kombucha! Trail Run. Compression Socks!!

First... KOMBUCHA!  It's a tasty fermented tea drink made using a cool thing called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).  We've been thinking of making it for... oh, forever, but were always afraid to try it from scratch.  Recently, a kind parishioner gifted me with a scoby, and a kombucha batch, meaning that the first steps were taken care of.  We are starting to drink her kombucha batch, and will be starting out own tomorrow.  SO EXCITING!  And delicious.

Today, we went for a run on the Ridgeline trail, which I've run many times before and always enjoyed. I've run the grueling Martin street climb, and the super fun, nearly flat, rolling terrain from Fox Hollow to Dilliard and down to Willamette.  Lovely trail.

I sorta talked M into coming with me on this one- he was initially thinking I wanted to run at Amazon.  (They have a flat wood chip track- flat, oval, and boring, boring, boring to me today.)  So I took him out to Ridgeline, where I got adventurous and decided to run the direction I've never run before.

This turned out to be STRAIGHT UP HILL and then STRAIGHT DOWN HILL.  So I was either going up or going down and I was working every single second.  Good Lord.  It was a much, much harder run than I thought I was getting into!

Which is why it was cool that I got my REI surprise today!  I had a good-sized dividend, and M said I could spend it this year.  (He got to spend last year's).  So I replaced my bike multitool (now we each have one) and got a pair of compression socks.  I've read as much as you have about compression and how it restores your blood, stretches your leg muscles, boosts your mood, balances your checkbook, and generally benefits you in so many ways.

So I got a pair of Sockwell socks, black, with rainbow stripes.  

Oversharing Feet Alert: 
I know it's oddball, but after big runs, I love to have my feet squeezed.  I've been known to take out my old ballet slippers for yoga, and wrap my feet up with ace bandages while I stretch.  I think it's because my feet are SO flexibly and spread out so much that after a run, the constriction just feels great.  I'm always trying to get my feet squeezed- I don't want them rubbed or massaged, just squeezed.

Well, now you are all off the hook.  I have discovered compression socks.  They provide squeeze from my arches through my ankles all the way up my calves in gradated force.  My favorite is the tightness right around the ankle.  It feels REALLY GOOD and that's a really tough spot to squeeze.  The toes, arch, and heel are all cushioned.  Bascially, it's like a warm cozy strip of heaven wrapped around my feet and leg, and I can't think that my feet have EVER felt so good after a run.

Ain't nothing sore on my feetsies.  Or cold.  My feet are chronically cold (and squeezing seems to help warm them up.)  My feet are so warm and toasty tonight!  FOOTSIE NIRVANA!

In fact, I actually want to run more, so I can have more excuses to wear these socks.  Actually, I want six more pairs of socks.  M won't mind if I spend $150 on socks, right?  Anyone have a black market, cheap source for compression socks?  Because, wow.  I need more.

I think I'll be wearing these on every road trip, train trip, plane trip, and long day at work forever from now on.  It's too bad that they won't look right with my special church shoes, because people might be weirded out when the priest starts officiating in her black and rainbow striped knee high socks, but no shoes.  It'll probably be distracting when I get the polka dot ones and start swinging my happy feet in full view of the congregation.  And I bet the Bishop will be a little put off when I show up for meetings wearing these socks with the pink stripes and Tevas- he might start to wonder if I'll ever wear normal socks or shoes again.

And I just might not, not ever.

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