Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bike Ride!

Today, M and I went out for a ride with a new group.  I was all full of new-group nerves and so nervous, but there should have been no worries.  We were riding with LifeCycle's Wednesday club ride.  It was full of nice happy mellow people who are all early in their season, so we have a nice happy mellow day.

We rode the loop that I call the "Hutch's Loop".  LifeCycle says they change it up weekly, but tonight's ride was essentially the same loop that Hutch's rides on Monday: the Lorane climb, followed by the section that Strava calls the "Lorane Speedway", and then into a nice big loop.  We all did the "long loop"section- I've never done it before, but it was a really nice extra loop.  I think I'll start doing that all the time now!

I felt good and fast and strong on this ride- I was able to hold the wheel in front of me without any major surge-and-fades that always plagued me before.  My BMC has really transformed my life!

The only tough spot was on this long slow hill on Crow, my legs just decided they'd had enough and totally pooped out of power.  Specifically, the parts that were tired from swimming yesterday pooped out and for a few minutes there I felt like I was pedaling with jelly legs!  I chatted with another rider about triathlons and drank my drink, and after a few minutes my body grudgingly decided that I wasn't going to get off and take a nap, so it might as well recover.  And then everything was fine for the rest of the ride.

In other news, as I continue to struggle with this new lactose intolerance issue, I get to spend three weeks doing a totally lactose-free diet.  I've been having increasing issues for a few years now, but it all got abruptly worse since the E.Coli in Mexico and the Flu earlier this year.  The question is whether this is going to be a permanent or a temporary problem.  Lactose is in EVERYTHING, and I love doing things like putting cheese on my pasta.  And my favorite dessert is yogurt and fruit.  See what a problem this will be?  So there's a lot of creative re-thinking going on here in this house.

On the bright side, since cutting out all dairy, my rhinitis issues are MUCH much less and I haven't had any episodes of the horrible stomach pain (and other fun symptoms of lactose intolerance, which I encourage you to Google.  Not really...), so I am overall feeling better than I had been feeling for a while now.

I'm pretty frustrated with my weight-loss efforts at the moment.  I am stubbornly stuck at this awful plateau, so I am going to concentrate hard on hitting my nutrition goals and getting my activity in.  Specifically, I think I need to do more morning activities to get my metabolism going in the AM.  It stinks, but that's what I think I have to do.  Of course, between all the Life Stress and the Lactose-Intolerance Stress, the stubborn weight could just be my body's way of preparing for flight-or-fight.  So I have to convince my endocrine system that I am not trying to kill it, so it'll release that extra weight.

At the end of the day, I got an amazing bike ride in with some really fun people, so I'm calling this a win for the day!

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