Monday, May 27, 2013

Baking more bread, a nice day off, and stretching

Instead of going for a run, we stayed in today.  M is really sore, my run is feeling strong, and I was a bit tired.

Can't imagine why... 

I started, per doctor's orders, to add some dairy back in this weekend.  Day 1: accidental Parmesan in a dish.  Not a great result. Day 2: goat cheese, 1/2 a serving. No reaction.  I thought.  I was a bit sneezy. Encouraged, I tried day 3: goat cheese, 1/2 serving.  Result... Heart burn, and a pretty big respiratory reaction- basically, like hay fever.  

I decided to go off the dairy attempts and call the doc to report these results and see what she wants to do.  In all the reading I've been doing to learn about lactose intolerance, I'm forced to realize that we need to figure out if I'm simply intolerant or if I've developed an actual dairy allergy. That would be inconvenient. 

As it stands, I seem to be able to tolerate a tiny amount, but I'd better be prepared for a stuffy face.  

So today, I started researching dairy free options in breads and fast food.  So you know, that day when you have no choice but Subway and Burger King, what do you eat? I've saved the info pages to my browser so I can check it on the go.  Shockingly, I find I cannot have breaded chicken sandwiches, the Burger King veggie burger, or ONION RINGS!! 

While doing that, I made another round of no-knead bread, using extra gluten and a flour mixture, and some extra yeast. We shall see how it turns out!  

I also made gravy from nutritional yeast. M got excited about vegan baking and he wants to make some biscuits and gravy.  So I needed to find some recipes, since sausage gravy isn't really my thing.  While there are some great mushroom gravies out there, what I had I hand was nutritional yeast.  High in B vitamins, which keep your vegetarian system humming along, it's a good idea, don't you think?  

I used the recipe from the original Farm cookbook, which is worth the read for the hilarity alone.  The writing is a scream.  And I like the gravy.  It flavors with a soy sauce, so it had a nice salt and "darkness" to it.  I can't explain the darkness other than to explain that it doesn't feel like lightweight, non-food.  Perhaps umami is a good way to describe it. 

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