Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Ugly Run

So I was feeling a bit stressed out, and by "a bit" I mean "my poor head was about to explode".  This grown-up life thing sorta sucks, at times.  Some of it I just don't want to talk about in a public forum, yet, but maybe I will, someday...

Anyway, in the category of "training log"!

I went out for a run yesterday.  It ended up being much hillier than I'd anticipated!  I did over 1000 feet of climbing in three miles.  Yike!  So it was a bit ugly and I felt blobby and jiggly and sad and miserable until about halfway through when I got a second wind, and felt fast and fleet for about 20 yards, and then the agony that is running kicked in.  The first mile was actually pretty good- 8 minutes something, despite my monkey brain and self esteem issues slowing me down.

On the bright side, the scale has returned to showing me losses once more, so I am happy about that.

The run was a bit gruesome but sometimes we just have to do it!

For tonight I plan to finish cleaning the kitchen and then get a little bit of Barre3 in, so I can earn back some activity points.  I think I'm SUPPOSED to be overeating my daily point allowance (and dipping into activity or weekly points), but I still feel weird when I do. I'll ask my leader about that on Saturday!

On the bright side, I have plans for a walk and/or climb tomorrow with a friend of ours.  I got her hooked on rock climbing a few weeks back, and now I'm finding I miss the walls a bit too.  It's such an intellectual as well as a physical workout.  Very good for monkeybrains.

Plans for this weekend include a big bike ride, some Outside Time Of Some Sort on Friday, and scheduling some swim time with another friend.  Plus, I'm organizing TWO rides for the parish this summer.  And I hope to find a Saturday century between now and July so I can get my BMC his first real century!

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