Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunny morning run to Brails and race plans with M

I woke up this morning to tons of sunlight streaming through my window. Seriously, I don't expect this sort of sun from Oregon until July 5. I'm a little weirded out by all the light.

But there it was. M and I had planned a diner date at a place neither of us had been to-Brails. The map showed me that it was 3.5 miles away by the roads. So I decided to run there! It is a quick initial downhill and then mostly flat the rest of the way.

Before heading out, I was sure to rub some sunscreen on my poor nose and grab one of my visors. My goal is to never burn my poor schnoz! Last year, I saw another rider using this product that looks like a large Chapstick on her very fair skin, and tried it out- zero problems with stinging or sweating, and no sunburns since I've started using it. It even fits in my jersey pocket or bike bag. Good news for my super-sensitive easy-to-burn skin!

One of the things I do in tri training is the occasional early run on an empty stomach. In hot weather, I'll take Gatorade, but since I knew I'd be meeting M for breakfast and it was cool, I went with no water at all, figuring I'd be out for less than an hour and I was already well hydrated.
I feel like this gives me a chance to train for that end-of-the-race leaden feeling, when you have burned through all your carbs and can't bear to eat anything, and it's really a mental game to keep going. I was really actually hungry this morning, and definitely feeling that no-carb lack of energy! My speed definitely showed that- it was respectable in the beginning and shameful by the end. (I think I dropped from a 9 something mile to an 11 something!) Basically, it's the point where your legs say "wehateyoubitchwekeelyounow" and your brain has to say "shut up, legs". You only finish the race happy if your brain wins!

One of my tricks is that when I feel really miserable, I envision big sweeping road bike descents or some nice fun single track. Yeah, on a miserable run, I cheer myself up by imaging I'm on a bike.

But I usually see big results from these training days! And it helps me to know how far I can push myself until a bonk, and what a pre-bonk is. I know that if I was on the bike and feeling like I felt on the bike path this morning, I should pull over at the nearest store for a snickers and coke.

Brails was a good stop- really good coffee and hash browns. Not my favorite biscuits and gravy in town, but a great place that we shall visit again! (On a day when I'm in a Bloody Mary mood, for sure!)

M and I discussed race plans and bike tweaks. My BMC will be going in for some aerobars (YEAH!), and he is going to get his Allez re-fitted after he's had it crammed into his car for its trip. I still love my BMC and my boys at LifeCycle. They look after me well, and I dropped some serious time on the bike. (My last ride, I was holding a 17mph pace- not superfast, but faster than I've ever been before!)

I still have some work to do on the run, especially with distance. (I have to add three miles to my longest run for a full half marathon! WAH!) I've already got the bike base and swim base, so I think I just get to bike for fun and do swim drills for technique. So my training will be focused on swim and run, and my bike will be my workout candy, as always!

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