Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snowed In and Swimming

So M and I are driving back home across the country to Oregon.  We got up this morning, saw some dire things on the news about horrendous weather, and decided to book it to try to outrun the storm.

Mother Nature did not agree.  The winds were absolutely atrocious.  At one point, the rubber on M's windshield wiper ripped right off and we had to pull over to the nearest Napa for a replacement.  Soon, we saw signs that I-80 was closed down.  We stopped for lunch to stop at a place with wifi to evaluate the weather.  Since the weather was scheduled to go from bad to worse, and as I watched, the I-80 closure was expanded, we cut our losses and holed up at the truck stop La Quinta.

This actually hasn't been all that bad.  We got some bonus rest, I got to do some sink laundry and use my travel laundry line (Rick Steves would be so proud!), and I took M out for a birthday dinner at the truck stop.  It's all romance, with me.

The hotel has a swimming pool.  My first thought was "Oh darn, I didn't bring a swimsuit".  Then, in jest, I asked M if he had his tri shorts handy.  He was not in a swimming mood.  But then I remembered that I had MY tri skirt, AND a sports bra.  Bingo, instant swim suit!  If I'd wear it for an actual tri, then I'd only look a LITTLE ridiculous wearing it in the 3-foot deep section of a hotel swimming pool, eh?

So in I hop.  The water was bathwater warm, so I spent far less time than normal standing on the stairs squeaking about cold water.  I decided to do laps, switching strokes.  So it was breaststroke, crawl stroke, side stroke, and back stroke for about 25 minutes.  Then I did a few minutes of barre3 in the deep end.  Because wearing your tri outfit to swim in the hotel pool isn't weird enough.  I didn't have my goggles, so I did get a little red in the eyes.  But it was very nice to do something and blow off some more steam.

All in all, this is a much more pleasant stranding than last summer's dreadful incident.  We have a nice 24/7 truck stop with three options of eatings, a really cozy clean hotel that is as far from the Sketch-o-riffic Motel of last summer as can be, and plenty of fluffy pillows.

And I am really, REALLY glad I am not out there with the tornado warnings, ice, sleet, and frozen roads!

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