Friday, April 19, 2013

Down sick for the day

We both discovered we were catching a cold. You know when you've been really stressed for a long time and fighting it off, and right when you get back to normal, BAM, you finally get sick?

Yeah, that happened.

We were pretty good on the road, eating plenty of veggies and Subway sandwiches and not eating much crummy stuff, except for the Denny's sundae I got M for his birthday. And we drank 20 bottles of water between the two of us. But still, it was a ton of cheap carbs I don't usually eat.

So after getting home and drinking my kale smoothies again, I caught a lovely cold. So I spent all day today lounging and sleeping and rationalizing the anxiety that creeps up. I find running and especially biking helps me keep my raging anxiety in check, and when I don't get to do that for more than a day or so, my monkey mind starts screeching at me.

GEARs rides continue, but I think I will skip tomorrow's. At this stage, I am willing to do stuff solo, since my race is bigger than M's this season, but right now, I still want to hang out with him a little more. He's only been back a week!

Besides, I want to experiment with the idea of Weight Watchers in person meetings for a while. I need to take off a bit more poundage to feel race-ready, and I think I need some alternative way of tracking to help me with that. I've done great with LoseIt, but I've gone as far as I think I will with straight calorie counting. I've been tracking myself with a pedometer and realizing I'm not as active as I thought I was. Tri training is really the only movement I get. In reality, if I'm not careful, I can spend a day moving less than 3,000 steps. I decided I want some extra a count ability for a little while. I only have ten-twelve pounds to lose for me to feel ready, but it's a tough ten pounds!

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