Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things that are so annoying


Because mine want desperately to sit all over my lap. Sitting next to me is not good enough. Leaping into my lap is not good enough. Sitting in my lap alone is not good enough. Oh, no, it must be sitting IN my lap, with their heavy heads resting on my typing arms, and their big cat butts flopping off the other side of my lap, and they must get there by sinking their claws into my leg and climbing like I am Mt. Vesuvius.


Specifically, people who park their SUVs in the compact car spots. Here's a hint. If you have to stop in the traffic lane to let your passengers off, and then reposition your car three times, and then have to crawl out through the back hatch- your car may be too large for the space. Park elsewhere. How about the larger space that's 20 further down the parking lot?

Bike rides.

On bright warm blue days when I can't take them because of work. Deep pitying sigh, which the cat is not helping because he's mad that I won't let him put his heavy paws on my arm.


When they won't write themselves.

The lack of Rick Steves on OPB.

Why is there no Rick Steves and his happiness on, on a Saturday, in Oregon? Really. This would be a perfect day for a Rick Steves marathon, allowing the world's most affable dork to hike up his backpack and the goofy grin and go traveling while I live vicariously (and finish that sermon). Because he's like Mr. Rogers for grown-ups, that's why.

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