Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outdoors, hills, new tire

I am very proud of myself. I wore out my old tire on the trainer and needed a new one. So I bought one and put it on, myself. I know, I know, but still- it's a far cry from the days when I needed the mechanic to pump my tires! I run Continental 4000s, and they seem to be pretty bomb proof- I've had zero puncture flats with them. Phew. I still have bad memories of The Summer of Flats in Connecticut, a few years ago.

It is perfect Oregon weather right now. It's warm enough to feel warm, but cool enough to be cool. It's shorts and jerseys weather, but light weight armwarmers won't kill you. We have birds and frogs and baby calves and little lambs. Seriously, it's like living in an Easter commercial, right down to the pink and white flowers on all the trees.

I decided to ride the hills, since I haven't done the hills since last summer. I rode into the area I call "The Monstrosities"- this very hilly area of huge houses with three car garages and RV parking areas with yards smaller than my area here at the apartment. But I do enjoy running and walking those hills. I credit them with helping me drop all that time from my mile pace!

I hauled tail up. Hmm. Not my best climb ever. It was a tough, climby ride and I didn't gear correctly at the turn onto Chambers so I had to walk a bit. There's a nice downhill section right before the turn onto Chambers, so you have to remember to gear down and coast that turn or else you can't get low enough gearing for that super-steep climb. It's either 12% or vertical, I don't recall.

Once over that, though, I was right at the section called the Lorane Speedway- a nice, mostly flat swoopy section that is awesome for going fast and enjoying a rest. In pretty much every direction, it's a prettying hairy climb to that part, so you always earn your descents.

My speed is not where I would want it to be for right now, but I feel like I'm starting this season about as fit as I ended the last one. My goals for the next two months, then, will be to build speed and drop the last of this weight I want to drop. Oh, and build up to tha half marathon distance. Oy! Thar be runnin' in my future. Lots of runnin'.

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