Tuesday, March 26, 2013

(Indoor) Bike Ride! And Lent Review.

Despite the spring weather, I haven't had the BMC outside since early March. My rear tire is so worn I just don't think it would be a good idea, and I have to get to the bike shop! Meanwhile, Work Trip, Holy Week, Vacation. No time.

So today I hauled it inside and did a quick ride on the trainer, bookended by two Barre3 sessions for core and stretching. I've been a little lax in my working out habit lately (stress, preparing for M to get home, stress) and I know that I feel SO much better and less anxious when I work out. I believe I can actually feel the stress and anxiety leaching out of me as I ride.

So let's see... Lenten Disciplines review.

1) Internet and Facebook off between 6PM-9AM. Whoa, epic fail. It was so busy that sometimes, the only time I could get an outdoor workout in was during the day, meaning I HAD to do some work at night. And work people use Facebook as a communication tool. Oh well. It was a worthwhile idea, right?

At least, with the discipline out there, I could sometimes say to myself "Stop going down this rabbit hole of mindless surfing" and intentionally turn off the screen to do another Barre3 session or just listen to music on the bike ride. And I also learned that sometimes, I just find mindless surfing relaxing. There, I said it.

2) Cadbury Eggs. Epic win! The congregation seems to find it amusing, so I have not had to buy very many eggs this year. I haven't had one every single day, but there have generally been several a week. Basically, I don't want one every day, but if I want one, I have one. And when I'm jet-lagged, I forget I had one and then I have two. It's delicious.

Someone didn't believe me that it's a Lent discipline, and made a joke that I was of course going to go to the after-Easter sale and get the rest of the boxes on super-sale. No, actually. This really is a LENTEN discipline. I eat my last egg on Holy Saturday before Vigil. After Vigil, it's curtains on eggs until Ash Wednesday the following year.

3) This wasn't really a Lenten discipline (I only had two) but I developed the discipline of planning meals better. eMeals has been a great help. I still wish I could import the plan into Meal Board, but oh well, can't have it all! Sure, sometimes it's a little more carby than I am used to (sandwiches and quesadillas show up once a week or so) but I just sub out the cheap carbs. Today, I was supposed to make a quiche, so I did. I just made it crustless. Interestingly, the amount of food is MASSIVE. Some of these recipes feel like they can feed an army. But I have run some of them through the calorie calculator and I find it's the right amount of food... making me think I must have been chronically undereating because I have no idea what a portion size is for vegetarians.

I have definitely lost weight. I hit my post-season weight last week. It's weird, because my truth-telling jeans need a belt right now, but some of my other pants are riding low and so they feel tighter (until I realize how low they are riding- the waists are around my hips right now). I really hate pants shopping... and my muscles have gotten tighter, but I am still carrying some fat, so I'm at that stage where the tight muscles are hiding under this layer of fat. I know from experience that fat layer will evaporate seemingly overnight once my metabolism stabilizes and my training ramps up, but it's a very uncomfortable stage right now...

Plans for next week are going to be tough- I'm flying to DC to drive across the country with M as I bring him home from his work in Harpers Ferry. It'll be interesting learning to live together again!

Meanwhile, It's off to wash up and get to bed. It's a long Wednesday of Holy Week tomorrow. I'm actually very vain about it, this year... I made the Stations of the Cross bulletin. I built the bulletin from a blank page in Microsoft Publisher. I've never built a bulletin from scratch- only modified other templates. It took me most of yesterday to do that and format, and then today was round after round of proofreading. Finally, we called it. I hope there's no MAJOR whoppers in there. (As in, I sure hope I spelled 'Jesus' right most of the time. And didn't make any dumb Wikipedia-type inaccuracy errors. I used actual library resources for this thing!)

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