Saturday, March 9, 2013


My morning began, as it has for most of the last year, with me waking up alone. M has been working in Harpers Ferry. That some 2,883 miles away, in case you were counting. So we began our morning as we often do... Texting back and forth. Yeah, such is a work-separated life. I cannot wait til he's done with the latest project and the homeward journey begins!

Meanwhile, I whined that I was feeling too lonely to do anything. He can see the weather on his phone and he knew it was gorgeous out and that staying in would be a sin. He suggested a bike ride. I can't do a roadie ride yet- I rode through my back tire this winter on the trainer and haven't replaced it with a new tire just yet. (Only rode through a week ago, work's been busy, it'll happen bike tribe, don't worry!)

So I asked him to google me places. He came up with Goodman Creek, so in the spirit of adventure I headed out to a place I'd never heard of and had no GPS address for. All I knew was to look for the turn out between mile markers 20 and 21 on this one road, and drive up a dirt road.

Along the way, I met some trail runners and a guy with a very clean MtB that would get some major mud this afternoon and we talked MTBing and trail running. I am considering taking my bike for a ride next time! Armed with just a Trader Joes fig bar, I set out for what I thought was a two mile round trip. I have no idea how far I did go, but I was out for almost three hours! Will prepare better for random adventure next time. Here are some pictures from my Adventure Day in the Vitamin D!

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