Monday, March 25, 2013

Harpers Ferry

I was lucky enough to get a bonus visit with M this week. I hadn't been expecting to see him ntil April, but a meeting inDC awarded me a few extra days of visit time! It was very useful. Among other things, I packed a few bags of his clothes and things which leaves us with plenty of extra space in the car for our road trip.

I'd also brought my stuff for trail running. Being a spoiled Oregonian, I had dismissed his dire warnings about the chilly weather. I'd been outside running and biking all winter in the Oregon hail and rain. West Virginia was bright and sunny- shockingly so, actually- so what's the big deal?

I stepped outside in my Oregon tights and promptly headed back in to add every layer I could lay my hands on. I'd forgotten how COLD it really does get in the sunshine!

I managed to get a loop in on Murphy Farm. All told, it was a little over three miles of trails and open field. Yes, it was slow, but I was stopping to read the markers and stuff. Plus, it was cold! I didn't warm up until the last 1/4 mile.

I suppose it was a nice Virginia run- but compared to Oregon's huge trees and moss and green and lichen, it was really quite brown and sparse feeling. It really is so much more populous over here. I definitely miss things about my Virginia, but I really do love the totally alien feeling of the Oregon forests. And I'm not kidding- a lot of those sci fi shows film in the Pacific Northwest because of how Martian like it looks!

But anyway- it really is fun to run in amongst the incredible history here, and to traverse those old battlefields and to think about how hard those days must have been. I would have done some runs in other directions, but my week was busybusybusy, with trips to my Seminary library and to see my old mentor and to wi-fi places to get work done.

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