Monday, March 25, 2013

Four miles on a perfect spring day

The rest of the universe must be so jealous of Oregon. We had perfect weather today for a nice run. I thought I was doing miserable with plenty of the grumps, but I did decide to chase and pass two people. So I do have speed there somewhere.

Sadly, my GPS program conked out right as I ended in the parking lot. So I have no proof of my four mile, thirty-five minute run. That's an 8:45 pace, y'all. Back when I started this whole journey, my running miles were something 11 minutes! I'm actually feeling like a real runner these days.

I got home and made a quick stew involving a ton of veggies and quinoa (which I subbed for couscous as I didn't get couscous thinking I had it at home and not realizing it was quinoa until dinnertime. It was a very good stew- just huge!! If that really was two servings, then I really have been under eating for a long time. It was a huge dish!! But it was all veggies and no oil, so naturally low-fat and plenty high in fiber.

I'm experimenting with this meal planning service called emeals. I got a group for half off a years' worth of meal planning services. You could choose from (and change your plans if you want) all sorts of plans including low carb, paleo, clean eating, vegetarian, and more. I read the sample plans and decided I liked the service because of the focus on whole food ingredients. It didn't tell me to buy a Gardenburger and put it on a bun- it gave me a recipe to COOK a burger from scratch. It was tasty!

Basically, I'm relieved to have one less thing to think about for a little while! I am really enjoying the meal planning service so far. Phew.

Ps- I did have to run a LOT today. The excellent quilters made me a special birthday cake, all minty and delicious and including secret ingredients that we don't give children, and it was delightful!

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