Monday, March 11, 2013

A little first of the spring 5K

So I turned in a little 5K on this perfect spring day. No. I'm not listening to the fact that its not officially spring yet. It was sunny and cool and perfect. I had to get the oil changed in my beloved Beetle, and my oil change place is right next to the Fern Ridge path. So I threw my running stuff in, and after my thirsty little car had fresh oil, it was off on the run.

30:05, with 2 walk breaks. Yeah, slow, painful, and also the longest I'd run since my little plague last month. I sure fought that sinking ship, but it was weeks afterwards before I really felt I could breathe again, like normal.

I think I also have allergies. My right eye feels blurry and looks smaller than my left eye, usually a sure sign that allergies are in town. Darn. Thought I would beat them this year! But no. It is now time to start taking allergy meds and drinking tons of water to keep hydrated.

In other news, I got a Groupon coupon for a years worth of meal planning, so I signed up with emeals. I can switch between vegetarian, paleo, clean eating, low carb, organic, and all other sorts of plans. I picked the "cook for two" option. This month, I'm trying the vegetarian meals. It looks like they try to use ingredients several ways in multiple recipes so you don't have to worry about buying a pineapple to just have the excess rot in the fridge. I really liked the variety of vegetarian meals- it looks like they actually had a vegetarian planning the menu. I have been researching meal planning services and so many of them just looked like "cook a slab of tofu in a pan" and use it like you'd use a turkey piece or "cook a Gardenburger". This one actually has curries, homemade lentil burgers, and no pre-made food at all. I liked that.

I spent less than $40 on my grocery bill this week, and got side dishes and desserts too, so we shall see.

I still think that the MealBoard app is a great tool, but typing in my recipes and planning meals was feeling like a drag with all the other life stress right now. One thing I prefer is the ipad-iPhone syncing. Emeals is just online and through email, so I lose the ability to check things off with a satisfying click. But at least emeals does it all for me... Something that feels important as I prepare to do a week of travel, Holy Week, and two weeks of going to the East Coast to bring my triumphant, fellowship-completed husband back home!

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