Friday, February 1, 2013

New month, new goals

Starting the month still sick, but I was able to tell that grapefruit soda is not the exact same thing as ginger soda this morning. And my soup was tasty. That is a step in the right direction. Luckily, my schedule allowed for a lot of sleeping this week.

I'm having soup for most meals right now. (Because I'm sick.) I made "Goodness Soup" out of Clean Food. You basically empty your fridge and shake all the contents into a soup pot but for some reason, it comes out thick and delicious, where my version of fridge soup usually comes out more like gruel.

I think Terry Waters is on to something with her additions of lentils, beans, and kombu. In fact, I bet you that kombu has magical thickening properties.

At any rate, now that we are into February, I finally feel ready to start pulling out my heart rate monitor and GPS trackers again. I went sorta tech free for much of the fall, and totally tech free last month. Lets see if all that fun had a pay off.

This month, Each week I want to push myself to do three interval workouts of 15 miles or more (on the bike), two 5ks all under 27 minutes and a long run for fun, and start swimming with my super swimmer friend. I have decided to keep my Barre3 subscription for the core work and stretching, so I'll keep up with the six sessions per week. Those can be any length.

I also want to connect with a nutritionist. As I start to ramp up training again, I think I just need the help of a pro to be sure I'm getting enough, not too much, and the right sort of enough. I've dropped about five pounds since Jan 1 and want to be sure I am doing this in a healthy way so I don't get sick before Ironman!

I think I will need to get a journal to track all this!

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