Saturday, February 23, 2013

Busy times getting back to the swing of things

So I had grand visions of trying to use ActiveGoals to track my workouts. I was going to go for frequency in February. But the app doesn't sync between phone and iPad. Since I don't carry my iPad everywhere with me, no syncing is a big deal breaker.

I really need to get a training journal on hand!

Last week, I went snow shoeing for the first time in my life. It was the first time I'd ever seen people using a ski lift and there was a LOT OF SNOW. I've never seen snow like that- it felt like it was halfway up the big trees. My friend loaned me her wife's snowshoes, and I skipped along. We met four other people on the trail. They had cute dogs and we made instant friends. We went about 6 or 7 miles and had sunshine and snow.

I noticed that snowshoeing felt most effective when I tried to weight my heel more (I guess that's where the pontoon-y sort of effect is strongest). Which means that I think I have mostly eliminated the heel strike from my run stride, because it felt weird to do a heel strike! Booyah!

Here's to a season of running injury-free. I've been lucky (knock wood) to have no major running injuries. Just a pulled muscle or tweaked leg here and there.

On the frustration aspect: I felt like my weight was very stubbornly stuck at a 5 pound loss from the beginning of the year. Which is annoying, as I wanted to drop another 10 by the start of the season. I'll be focusing on meal plans and eating sensibly. I noticed (when we were snowshoeing) that I didn't think about eating beforehand, and just had a picky bar on hand in my pocket. I left my lunch in the car, and didn't die on the trail. So it's entirely possible that I've been overfeeding my off-season body. Can't imagine how an Italian-Portuguese girl could do that, eh?

So we shall see how the "eat sensibility but don't obsesses and for God's sake give me my Lenten Cadbury Creme Egg, you monster" plan works.

In other news: I've added high-cadence into my bike training. So far, I am maxing out at the 110s but I have also discovered the magic of my little ring. I'm a bit of a masochist in use of the big ring- I got it into my head a long time ago that STRONG PEOPLE RIDE THE BIG RING thanks to a training tip article I read once saying "Make one day a week your BIG RING ONLY day."

I read that back in the days when I was on The Tank (my Trek 7300 which clocks in at something like 35 pounds) riding with roadies.

I've ridden mostly big ring ever since. Seriously, I rode most of Leadman in the big ring, only clicking down to the small ring at the very top of the mountain. I also got smoked by most of the field (though I did catch and drop a few old guys and a bunch of tri bikes on the climbs. But a bunch of them came back and dropped me on the flats later. Not everyone though. Heh heh heh.)

So this season, on my sexy smokin' hot BMC, I am going to experiment with high cadence and the small ring. It very well could just be that this bike fits me so well that I'm finally learning proper techniques.

Also, I want to invest in some minimalist shoes. I've been slowly moving to flatter and flatter shoes. I really like my current pair for long runs, but I have been thinking about something more minimal for trail runs and short speed work.

High cadence on the bike, quick turnover on the feet on the run.

We shall see!

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