Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Holy Roller

The question was asked of how the Holy Roller (my pulpit bookcase-turned-bike-desk) has been working out.

It's great, actually.

I even have two bike computers: my road one, and one I use as I pedal slowly doing work or watching TV or goofing off. In fact, I need to do more of that. Maybe a new rule: on the bike all the time when just dithering. If I want to sit on the couch, I have to commit to a show or a knitting project. Something to make me productive. I can write and watch TV while pedaling.

I haven't been tracking my mileage, but maybe I should. Numbers keep me honest.

I keep my shoes and a visor handy. And you can see I still have my seat bag handy just in case a sunny day happens along and I can head out on a road ride.

The only downside is that my road bike has a road saddle, meaning that as long as I'm wearing my bike shorts with their female-specific chamois, I'm comfy as can be. Seriously, with shorts, I can ride on the bike all day and get off happy and ready for more.


But if I'm just wearing jeans or yoga pants, I get pretty uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, and have to take a break. Yeah, bike shorts are really all that important.

Overall, I'm down a belt notch and feeling a lot bendier. A number of the little aches and pains are working themselves out, which is good. I really needed to do this focus on flexibility. Don't know if I'll ever be doing the figure skater "hold my foot up behind my head" thing ever again, or the ballet dancer "lift your foot to shoulder height" like I could once do, but I feel a lot better after just three days.

Today, I am going to bring my swimming stuff and decide at work if I want to go do a swim session or come home and ride my bike, with a half hour Barre3 workout planned.

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