Monday, January 21, 2013

Sun Hunting

After a week of straight pea-soup fog, I had had enough. I love my beautiful green Oregon, but a week solid of being unable to see the houses below me because of the thick fog, I needed a break, badly!

I had a bonus day off today, so while my more civic minded friends went to volunteer and help their communities for the National Day of Service (which I had no idea existed until I got home and saw their photos on Facebook), I went out to the coast for some sun hunting! I had heard that once you got out of the Willamette valley where Eugene is, there is sun!

Florence did not disappoint! As I drove, about 20 minutes out of town, the cloud cover was already starting to break! It was a little like driving out of Narnia- the trees here are covered in a delicate little frost, and everything is hushed and still. And as you head over the hills, you start to see peeps of blue through the grey!

I confess to getting a little over excited. There may have been shrieking in my car. Hey, I'm alone, no one will know, right?

By the time I got to the coast, I could FEEL the sun! It was so shiny and warm! I was wearing my fleece tights and a beanie because it was so cold... I was quickly wondering if I'd be too warm! (Answer- I could have worn my other tights, but I feel so rock star in my Pearl Izumi fleecies).

I walked for a while, first. And then I decided to do a bit of sand running. Man, that's a workout. I have no idea how far I ran or how fast... Just that when I checked my watch, I'd been going for 40 minutes in one direction! A combo of running and walking to take pictures and pick up cool beach stuff brought me back to point A.

So I decided to head to the national dunes. It's a fee area, but I have one of those cool lifetime access passes, so I love going to national recreation areas. I found myself entirely alone on the giant dunes... So I went dune running!

Think sand running is a workout? Try dune running. Oh. My. Sweet potatoes. My heart was instantly up (how high I have no idea as I'm running sans monitor for a while), and my whole legs were buuuuuuuuuurning. Up and down various dunes. The dunes were gorgeous and gigantic. On one hand, I'm surprised they aren't protected like dunes are in the east, but on the other hand, maybe there are just not enough of us here in Oregon that the dunes need extensive protection.

Overall, a winner of a day, and my sun hunting expedition was very successful! Inspired by the coast, I stopped by the market to get mussels to make my famous (really, the recipe was picked to be included in a special healthy cooking cookbook) Easter mussels. It is entirely possible that I had more than one serving... Like, maybe three! But at just 70 calories of lean protein, I think I earned it!

I also earned that mini mint Oreo Blizzard I nabbed on the way home. I'd just run my lungs out for a few hours. You earn your blizzards on those days!

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