Friday, January 25, 2013

Squeezed in a run

Thursdays are always busy days at work, and I had some people coming over my house that evening. I managed to squeak away from work by 4:30, but I still had a ton of things on my to-do list for the day, like "make ginger tea for the group" and "clean the bathroom" and "vacuum" and "run".

Oh boy.

Normally, being that all-or-nothing uptight personality (true story? I used to think I was a mellow person, until I met M and realized that I'm actually kind of tightly wound), I would have thought I needed at least two hours to get a decent run, a stretch, and a shower in.

Last night, I decided to just GO FOR IT. So I changed as fast as I could, ran out the door, and headed out for what turned into a nice 35 minute run. (Don't know how far I went- remember, no tech this month!) I felt pretty good, with no aches or pains. And I was so focused on getting done in time to get all my other stuff done that monkey brain was a non issue for once.

I managed to get home, showered, and all the chores done in time for the ladies to arrive, which was great, because the ginger tea had JUST finished steeping and the house smelled like warm yummy ginger.

I never did get the Barre3 workout done yesterday, but baby steps, right? At least I got something in.

Here's my recipe for ginger tea:

6-8 cups of water.
A hunk of ginger, nice and heavy, about as long as my hand, which is 7 inches from where my palm meets my wrist to the top of my middle finger.
Sweetener (honey, if you can get it. If not, agave or *gasp* demon sugar is just fine.

Get the water onto a hot burner. Put it in a pot, first, or you'll make a huge mess.

Cut the hunk of ginger into slices about 1/4 ich, ish. Get about 12 slices or so.

Here's the fun part: on a cutting board, lay out the ginger. Get something like a rolling pin. I would use a meat tenderizer, except that I don't have one. Whack the ginger until it's beaten down.

Dump all the ginger, and its juices, into the pot. Let it boil, and boil the daylights out of it for about 20 minutes or so.

Stir in 1 TB of sweetener.

You'll want to strain out the ginger pieces as you decant the tea into a pitcher or carafe or other nifty pouring device.

Ta-da! Fair warning- it is VERY gingery and spicy!

The recipe I have on my fridge says to not drink more than 2 cups a day, unless you have a bad cold. I ignore that. It is spicy and makes me feel warm whether it is hot or cold. So I just make a pot and drink it until it is done, 2 cups a day be danged!

This is also a great drink to make before a car trip, for those of us who get motion sick.

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