Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Productivity is Way Overrated

So this morning, I thought I had a terrifically busy day. The morning was slow, but the afternoon was four back-to-back meetings. I was so virtuous that I actually got up and my workout first thing.

Virtue never really works out in your favor, ya know.

I found an app called 30/30 in which you can set up a timer to remind you about certain tasks. I think it's supposed to remind you to be productive, but naturally I've set it up for trainer workouts.

I set up a ladder intervals workout, and set my playlist and pedaled away. After not riding as much when M was home, it feels good to be back on my bike. After the bike ride, I did a session of Barre3. I'm actually enjoying those workouts enough that I look forward to them, and I find I'm looking for longer workouts than just the minimum. Today's was core and stretch.

Done right off the bike, it was more like jellyfish pilates meets wooden plank. But the bonus of stretching on tight warm muscles that had just done a hard workout is that I felt INCREDIBLY bendy later in the day.

Then I got to work and discovered that I actually only had TWO meetings- the other two are for other weeks! But the two I DID have were at the same time, and we all needed to talk to each other anyway, so it all worked out just great.

And then, with my unexpected evening off, I finally got to catch up on Downton Abbey. Seriously, Facebook during playoffs, politics, and TV premiers might be my best friend in productivity. I get so frustrated with spoilers that I just block Facebook and get a ton done!

I have not yet found the right size needles to work with my yarn for my next gargoyle, but maybe I'll make that my Thursday project.

In other news, the other priest I challenged in this Ironman- I saw a recent picture of him online. I'd been anticipating challenging friendly ole priest to a friendly little clergy deathmatch. In the process of getting in shape, he's gone downright lean, so right now, he looks like Mr. Mc-CRUSH'EM. I'd better start doing some serious intervals, because this dude is going to BRING IT this summer. Actually, start rooting for him, because I have a feeling he will place really well in his age group and might crush his clergy competition.

It's time to get my Serious Training Plan in order.

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Ben said...

"Serious Training Plan" in caps no less. Sounds positively ominous... ;-).