Saturday, January 12, 2013

Plugging Away

Disclaimer: Remember that I'm using my blog these days as more of a tri training/gee ain't Oregon cool journal than as a blog where I expound on issues. If you were hoping for something groundbreaking, keep walking. But if you are interested in a triathlete who is prepping for a half-ironman in July who is keeping a blog just to keep accountable to her two actual readers (Hi, mom, and uncle T!), then go for it. I haven't yet found a training journal app I like, so this is it for now.

A busy couple of days, but it's the way I like it. Without M in town, I have a bad habit of working too much at the office and becoming a hermit otherwise, so it is SO GOOD to have friends to have dinner with, who are totally low stress, where I know I can promise to bring roasting veggies but show up with salad and it's all okay.

I've been keeping up with the Barre3 workouts. What is interesting is the choices in length of programs- I haven't yet tried a 60 minute program, but I find that the time passes so quickly! I have done mostly 40 minute programs, but also quite a few 10 minute programs. I made a deal with myself that if I felt "too busy", I would commit to just 10 minutes. I have been an all-or-nothing person for so long- either I got my 1.5 hour workout in with all its components, or I was SOL. With the online Barre3, I am challenging myself to try things like a 10 minute stretch workout in the morning before getting ready for work, and suddenly finding time for a 40 minute Ballet Fit buttkicker at night. Hmmm.... we shall see if this works out!

I have two interval workouts programmed into my 30/30 app now. This morning, I did one that is 10 minutes of intervals: a 15 minute stead warmup, and then 40 seconds hard- 20 seconds recovery, 10 times, followed by five minutes rest. I didn't yak up my breakfast, but there were a few intervals during which I considered it! Yeah, I was working that hard. (Endurance people will get it.) It. Was. Really. Tough.

I am also working on my nutrition: I don't like to say diet because that sounds extreme. I prefer to say that I am working on re-learning how to fuel my body. Right now, I'm using South Beach as a meal plan while I use workouts as my chance to eat cheaper carbs. I'm also trying to rebalance my body: I take my multivitamins, but I am finding my bod still acts up a bit since the whole E. Coli in Mexico thing.

Sorry, was that TMI?

In other news, I really like Jill Will Run right now, because she is so good about talking about how hard it is for her to work into other mindsets beyond the self-shaming of the average magazine. She is a recovering eating disordered person with a new baby, who is living into the reality of her new body. She is really open about her tough relationship with food and body image, and I find her really empowering for that reason. She's very much about positivity, and focused on being HEALTHY with this whole endurance athletics/body thing- support that I also need!

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