Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh, that explains it.

So after a few days of slow, ugly workouts, I finally figured out what was going on. I'm sick. Complete with achy muscles and a stuffy head and a slow brain. But without M, who makes really good soup. I must make my own soup.

M gets upset when I am sick, so while he's making me soup and trying to cheer me up, he stress eats. Usually he stress eats a sleeve or two of saltines. My saltines. Sometimes he even gets two boxes at once, one for me, and one and a half for himself. So I guess the bright side is that I get to have all my saltines to myself.

Will return to life in a day or so. Right now, an extremely long nap sounds good.

I did stop by the store to get rations. I got two types of soda (which I never drink except when I'm sick)- grapefruit and ginger ale. Yes, they burn my poor sore throat but it's comfort food dammit. And the taste is exactly the same on both of them. Actually, everything tastes the same right now... Flavorless.

I also got jerky. Don't ask me why. I was just walking listlessly through the store and saw the jerky section and something about the salt seemed AMAZING!!!!!!! I brought home vegetarian gluten jerky and tuna jerky. First time in my life I've ever done that. Maybe I need more protein? Or electrolytes?

Well I'm off to my couch. I think the drugs are starting to kick in.

I hate the plague.

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